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WannaCry Ransomware

A massive ransomware campaign, called ‘WannaCry’, appears to have infected a number of organisations around the world. Computers in thousands of locations, in more than 150 countries have been locked by a program that demands the equivalent of about $300 in Bitcoin to be unlocked. The main difference between WannaCry and other ransomware is the […]

The Faces of Royal IT: Meet Sophie Noske, Executive Assistant

Employee Spotlight Sophie Noske – Executive Assistant Administration / Finance / HR Meet Sophie Noske, Royal IT’s resident office giggler. Sophie charmed her way into Royal IT over 3 years ago with her radiant positivity and supreme business administration skills, and it appears she loves being part of the Royal IT family as we do […]

Calculate What an Hour of Downtime Costs Your Business

We’ve all experienced the dreaded IT failure at the office when all of a sudden work stops or is interrupted, typically because you can’t access something you need – a file, email, the internet, a software program, or otherwise. Soon enough the same questions begin to filter through the office… “Is your wifi down?” “Can […]

The Key to Business Productivity and Happier Staff for the Modern Business

It could be argued that one of the most significant evolutions of the modern workplace in the last 5-10 years is our increasing tendency towards mobility. There’s no doubt technology is responsible for this developing shift towards a mobile workplace mindset and structure. But, what exactly does a modern mobile workforce setup entail? At minimum, […]

How Employee IT Habits Can Threaten Cyber Security in Your Workplace

Companies have come a long way in their ability to ward off internal and external cyber-security threats. However, as the pace of technology innovation speeds up, the threat that companies face also increases in complexity. Guarding devices and online data is an ongoing (and always fluctuating) effort. Poor Cyber Security Awareness Over the last decade, […]

Office 365 Updates – 5 Key Features to Look out for in 2017

As expected, Microsoft took advantage of its much-anticipated event—Microsoft Ignite—to announce key changes, along with their road map for 2017. The September event focused on how Microsoft intends to build its enterprise solutions department with a view to upstage its competitors. While announcements on Azure, Sharepoint and office 365 were made, today we will be […]

Your Smile Matters To Us…

Did you know smiles are addictive? Just imagine a cute little toddler or puppy looking up at you with a cheeky open grin on their face and you’ll see what we mean. Royal IT hope to give you a reason to smile with every service, and your feedback over the last year tells us we’re […]