Disaster Recovery

Key Benefits of Disaster Recovery

Royal IT carries out redundant backups for your enterprise data, so it can be recovered and restored in case of a disaster in no time. By having a foolproof backup and data recovery plan in place, your business will experience the least amount of downtime if and when tragedy strikes.

Ultimate Protection Have protection from catastrophic disasters such as fire, theft or hardware failure with quick and reliable recovery of your systems.
Annual Testing Testing of your Disaster Recovery Plan annually is essential in ensuring the plan meets your recovery requirements.
Business Continuity Business Continuity planning gives your business resilience to withstand IT system failures and prioritise application availability.
Peace of Mind Have the peace of mind of knowing that if anything happens to your data, you can be back up and running quickly with minimal loss.
Backup Management Full management and monitoring of your backups by Royal IT will ensure backups are always available and valid for recovery.
Cost Savings Every minute your business is down, you’re paying wages and lost income. Ensure you’re back up quickly with a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Types of Businesses That Require Disaster Recovery Solutions

Just like with insurance, you don’t realise you need a disaster recovery solution until you need one. There are several risks to consider, from a ransom ware virus to a disgruntled employee that could significantly harm your business.

With a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place, no matter what might happen to your data, you can be back up and running in no time.

How Royal IT Will Manage Your Disaster Recovery Needs?

Royal IT will tailor a backup plan to suit your data, connection and budget requirements. We manage everything from fully managed off-site backups to local hard drive copies, and with regular testing, we ensure that your disaster recovery plan is tried and tested before it’s required.

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