Data Security Solutions

Key Benefits of Data Security Services

Your data is your business. Ensuring that it is safe from catastrophic events such as tampering, theft, fire or flood is one of our top priorities. With Royal IT you can be secure in the knowledge that we look after your data. We’ll consult with you regarding your needs, and implement the solution that you need, from retention policies and permissions matrices to email and data backups.

Cost Savings From data recovery to breaches that cause loss of industry confidence, having data security enabled will keep your costs down.
Increase Productivity Stop users from needing to dodge and clean up viruses and maximise your business productivity.
Scalability No matter the size of your data storage our solutions will scale with you, enabling you to be safe.
Customer Confidence Increase customer confidence in your business by having security for keeping their data as safe as possible.
Business Continuity In the case of data loss or encryption, ensure your business continuity by having data security enabled.
Security and Control Lock down your data and control who has access, from which devices and where in the world.

Types of Businesses That Need Data Security Solutions

Protecting both your data and your clients’ personal data is your responsibility. If your business has data stored either in your office or in the cloud, it could be open to infection, breach or unauthorised distribution. With Royal IT Data Security you can be reassured that your data is safe.

Why Choose Royal IT for your Data Security Needs?

We work with our vendors to constantly train and keep up to date with the data security products that are available. We understand how important your data is. Our team use their combined years of knowledge and experience to work with you and your business to tailor a plan that meets your needs and budget.

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