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Our Hardware Solutions

Technology evolves at a lightning pace. In order to stay relevant in this day and age, your business must evolve with it. Outdated IT equipment can prove more costly to your organisation than you may realise. It can lead to poor productivity, data loss, and greater repair costs.

Royal IT have a team of people ready to help you with hardware recommendations and sourcing. From cables and adapters to servers and storage devices, we hold accounts with various Australian vendors to provide you with the right equipment.

We have developed close working partnerships with top quality suppliers which means we can offer you the best equipment and the best prices, all backed up with industry leading support and after sales service. You can rest easy, knowing each computer hardware device we provide will work with the rest of the solution, to bring you unrivalled security and stability across your IT infrastructure investment.


Our Software Solutions

Software covers many different aspects of a business, from emails and documents, computer operating systems, accounting packages, server licensing and firewalls, everything a business does runs on software. Keeping that software up to date and working is important for your business.

We understand that it can be frustrating to keep up with various expiries and software support teams, so our team are able to support various types of software for you, and if we need to, deal with the software support teams on your behalf. You’ll get alerts three months before anything expires so that nothing will sneak up on you.


Hardware Finance Options

Royal IT are partnered with Hewlett Packard Finance Services (HPFS) to provide finance and lease options to our clients. Leasing or financing hardware purchases can ensure that your capital expenses remain low, you get a predictable monthly expense and you’re able to provide your business with the technology you need to keep working.

Low Monthly Costs IT hardware is no longer a large capital expense
Scalability and Growth You're able to grow as and when your business needs
Rent or Buy Rent to Return or Finance to Buy options available depending on your needs
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