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Our Approach

Three Step Process

Our team of account managers and support technicians are available to provide you with the right IT for your needs in Perth. We use our three-step process to ensure that we understand your needs and pain points, and then we build a plan and solution to suit you. Every solution is unique to your situation.

Step One - Meet and Discover The first step in the process is meeting your company’s management and learning more about the problems that you face. We want to get a chance to know your company on a deeper level so we can better meet your IT needs. We will determine the capabilities of your current IT infrastructure and evaluate how we can help you reach your long term goals.
Step Two - We Get Creative After we’ve met your team and figured out what your IT problems are, we get to work on figuring out how we can provide you with the best solution. Creativity is our strong suit, and we pride ourselves on being innovative and thinking of new ways to approach problems. After developing your solution, we’ll bring it to you for evaluation and testing.
Step Three - We Implement and Support Once you’ve approved your IT solution, it is time for implementation. For many IT companies, this is the last step. Not for us. We believe that each IT project is a long term process. That’s why we provide continual support for our clients to help them manage their IT solutions as their business grows and evolves.
Our Philosophy

How We Support You

At Royal IT we believe in providing the support you need, when you need it, as efficiently as possible. Our local team are highly trained and work together to resolve all support requests to your satisfaction. Our support technicians are able to provide both onsite and remote access support, whether it be for urgent technical assistance, infrastructure changes or improvements and enhancements to your IT environment. Either way, we will be providing you with the best level of support in Perth.

SLA All our support tickets use a Service Level Agreement to ensure all issues are resolved consistently within time frames. These agreements keep us accountable and all of our team work within the ITIL guidelines to provide efficient support based on your needs and priorities. Meeting these timeframes ensures that we achieve our goals of excellent customer service.
Remote Tools Our staff are trained in using multiple remote tools to resolve your issues quickly and with a minimum of interruption. Most remote support tasks can be performed in the background without any disruption of service. Our team is also highly trained in troubleshooting issues over the phone even when remote methods may not be available. Diagnosing and resolving the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible is the core to our service.
Documentation We document everything we can about your infrastructure to ensure that any technician can assist at any time. Ensuring that we have comprehensive information about your networks, devices and infrastructure, provides us with the tools to better support you and your ICT environment. This enables our team to hit the ground running when it comes to your support.
Take the Worry of IT Away

IT Support

Our IT support options can be tailored to suit your needs.  Royal IT has an experienced helpdesk team that is based in East Perth, we also can provide local onsite support in every city and town in Australia in addition to 24/7 real-time monitoring of your IT network.   Royal IT provides a high level of prompt IT support that is measured by a series of service level agreements (SLA).


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To find out more about how our team can solve your IT issues and take care of your IT needs, please contact one of our Account Managers.