Office 365 Updates – 5 Key Features to Look out for in 2017

As expected, Microsoft took advantage of its much-anticipated event—Microsoft Ignite—to announce key changes, along with their road map for 2017.

The September event focused on how Microsoft intends to build its enterprise solutions department with a view to upstage its competitors. While announcements on Azure, Sharepoint and office 365 were made, today we will be focusing on some key features to look out for in 2017.

Delve Analysis Receives an Upgrade

Developing a work plan that dictates the habits of employees has always been the responsibility of Delve Analytics. In keeping with its plan to enhance workplace habits through office 365, Delve Analytics has been upgraded to MyAnalytics with new features to boot. Features are geared at helping office teams and groups track their working habits, hours and collaborative efforts using exact details. Now, with My Analytics, team leaders receive insights into their colleagues’ working habits, collaborative patterns, and most productive hours, allowing them to take advantage of it.

Yammer’s Integration Adds Social Networking to Office 365

With a view to adding an official social networking tool in the Office ecosystem, Yammer has finally been integrated into Office 365 groups. This is big news because Yammer will provide a more socialized community for teams and groups working via Office 365. This move makes collaboration more streamlined as Yammer users can now turn ideas into action due to unlimited access to Sharepoint sites and document repositories.

Added Protection Through Threat Intelligence

2016 was notoriously known in cyber security circles as the year of enterprise breaches. To tackle the millions of attacks enterprise data will continue to face in the coming year, Microsoft has integrated a ‘Threat Intelligence’ feature in Office 365.

According to Microsoft,

‘Threat Intelligence will help you proactively uncover and protect against advanced threats by analyzing billions of data signals across Office consumer and commercial services. Threat Intelligence also provides deep insights from cyber threat hunters to create a comprehensive view of malware trends around the world. In addition, we’re integrating signals from Windows and Azure to help customers realize the full benefit of the Microsoft Cloud.”

The feature comes with its own enhanced dashboard that provides security administrators with insight into perceived/real threats, their origin and the necessary tools to manage threats.

Bitcoin Currency Support Gets a Boost

The integration of Bitcoin calculation tools in Excel is definitely a win for both parties involved. Bitcoin gains by being unofficially recognized by Microsoft, while Bitcoin users may now consider working officially via Office 365. The support means that Excel will now be able to recognize, format, and calculate numbers expressed in Bitcoin currency. The roll-out of this feature is expected to cover both desktop and mobile Excel or Microsoft Word applications.

Real-time Transcription and Translation of Skype Meetings

The next generation of Skype meeting rooms will include a real-time translation of online meetings for a diverse audience. This innovative feature will allow team members or collaborators worldwide to communicate through their language of choice. With this feature, individuals from the 400 cities Skype currently supports can select their native language option when listening in. The supported languages are English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin. And if Microsoft’s past growth pattern is anything to go by, languages as remote as Swahili will also be added with time.

Microsoft intends to make 2017 an exciting year for enterprise and business software solutions for everyone.

We encourage you to stay tuned to Royal IT for updates on Office 365 and how it could help your business both locally and internationally.